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How Vltava-Labe Press doubled traffic from emails leveraging Newzmate

August 07, 2017

About Vltava-Labe-Press

VLTAVA LABE MEDIA a.s. is one of the largest publishing houses in the Czech Republic as they publish 71 regional journals, 24 regional weekly newspapers and 15 magazines. It covers around 4.6 million readers daily, with 2.86 million of them being online readers. Vltava Labe Media became the owner of the publishing house Media Tablet in 2015.

The Challenge

Vltava-Labe-Media has actively pursued an email marketing performance improvement to increase reader engagement and loyalty. However, it required a lot of manual work.

Therefore Vltava-Labe-Media was looking for a solution that could automate their email campaigns and boost audience engagement.

The Solution

Newzmate helped Vltava-Labe-Media to create automated email campaigns, based on dynamic email templates that were configured to pick up the most relevant stories for each particular subscriber. The campaigns were set on a recurring schedule which means the publisher didn’t need to think about sending the email every time, as it would be sent automatically at the best time for each user with the most relevant content.

Here is how it looked:

On the other hand, Vltava-Labe-Media implemented smart opt-in forms that show up based on different behaviour scenarios of visitors and helped to maximize the mailing list growth pace.

Below is an example of one of the smart opt-in forms:

Newzmate also helped avoid manual work, so managers can focus on campaign optimization and growth rather than on constant content selection, template editing and campaign launches.

The Results

    The VLM group achieved the following results:

  • 30% increase in audience engagement
  • 95% of the project manager’s working time was saved on campaigns management
  • 15% increase in click-through rate

We have double the amouтt of visitors with half of the database – without any work

Karel Vetchý

Product Director at Vltava Labe Media

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