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How The Post Online Increased Email CTR 3 times with Personalization using Newzmate

June 27, 2017

About The Post Online

The Post Online is a Dutch news and opinion website. In addition to opinions, the website specializes in articles on business, lifestyle and sport. On average, more than 1 million people visit the website on a monthly basis.

The Challenge

The main goal was to offer more relevant and personalized content to website visitors and email subscribers.

The goal was also to replace the manual process of content selection and email-assembly in Mailchimp with an automated approach that didn’t require any time of the editorial team to manage email newsletters.

Additionally, the The Post Online wanted to have a traffic stream of loyal and engaged readers who were attached to the brand.

The Solution

The Post Online focused on email as a channel to increase traffic to their website. Newzmate helped launch a hands-off newsletter solution with personalized content recommendations based on individual readers preferences, automated email-assembly and the delivery of emails at the best time for each subscriber.

Here is how the newsletter looks:

The email campaign was set on a recurring schedule which means the publisher didn’t need to think about sending emails every time. The head of TPO editorial team checks the performance and adjusts the settings once a month, for a billing purposes.

The Results

    The Post Online achieved the following results:

  • CTR - 79%
  • Mailing list growth - 250 % increase
  • Audience engagement - 45 % improvement

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