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How Czech News Center doubled email performance and conversion of opt-in form

July 25, 2017

About Czech News Center

Czech News Center a. s. is the strongest media organisation in the Czech market with an audience of almost 3.5 million print readers and close to 4.5 million website visitors. The company publishes several daily newspapers, 26 print magazines, many online magazines, web projects, applications and they run the services of a virtual operator and printing press.

The Challenge

One of the primary goal was to offer more relevant, personalized content to the visitors of different websites. And after deciding to move from their previous email provider one year ago, Czech News Center wanted to co-operate with Newzmate to increase automation and save time on email marketing management for the project managers.

And additional and equally as significant goal was to drive more traffic to their websites.

The Solution

Newzmate helped CNC to avoid manual work with content selection, email-assembly and delivery to users. The content selection is based on personally recommended articles (unique for each user) and the recommendation of the most popular stories that Newzmate identifies based on the users’ behavior data.

Here is how the newsletter for one of the websites looks -

Also, CNC implemented a range of smart opt-in forms on their websites that have different layouts, different formats and behavior. There is one pop-up that shows in one section of the website ( that is collecting more than 100 subscribers a day which has helped boost audience engagement significantly.

Below is an example of the pop-up form:

The Results

    CNC achieved the following results:

  • 30% improvement in audience engagement
  • 100% increase in CTR
  • 40% increase in mailing list growth
  • Automated cleanup of mailing lists to keep only engaged and active subscribers

Since Newzmate is a first newsletter system I have been using, I am quite satisfied with it. It´s easy to operate and whatever I need or think about, everything is possible. Diversity and templates update is great. It´s also helpful that I get answers to my questions within a couple of minutes.

Křížová Dita

Project Manager at CZECH NEWS CENTER

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