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How The ABP Group Grew The List Of Active Subscribers And Boosted E-Mail Engagement using Newzmate

August 25, 2017

About ABP Group

Today, the ABP Group has evolved into a media conglomerate that has 11 premier publications, three 24-hour national TV news channels, one leading book publishing business as well as mobile and internet properties. They touch the lives of millions of readers and viewers, daily.

The Challenge

To communicate with the audience and maintain a high level of engagement, the ABP Group was looking for a solution for email marketing that could automate their email campaigns, while significantly growing their mailing lists and sending automated email newsletters that would be based by different triggers.

Also, the ABP Group wanted to co-operate with Newzmate to grow their mailing lists in order to boost audience engagement.

The Solution

Newzmate helped the ABP Group to avoid manual work with content selection, email-assembly and delivery to users. The main daily email newsletter consists of dynamic blocks that are related to different sections and content that is picked up from one RSS feed due to the flexibility provided by Newzmate.

Below is how the newsletter looks:

Also, the ABP Group implemented a variety of smart opt-in forms on their websites that have different formats, different layouts and behaviour. These opt-in forms sometimes gathered more than one thousand unique subscribers per day.

Below is an example of the pop-up form:

The Results

    The ABP Group achieved the following results:

  • 40% increase in CTR
  • 50% increase in mailing list growth
  • Implemented a performance-based pricing model

Extremely motivated & professional team. They have a wonderful product & they ensure they help customers leverage it to the max. Their ownership is exemplary and the effort they put in customer service & satisfaction is to be experienced to be believed.

Anchal Dalmiya

Customer Engagement Lead at ABP Group

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