Case studies

How The Biggest National Bank Boosted Audience Engagement Using Newzmate

Newzmate helped Oschadbank boost their audience engagement and proposed a flexible way to send automated email campaigns that are based by different triggers to the users.

December 18, 2017

How The Polska Press Group Automated Over 90 Email Campaigns Using Newzmate

Newzmate helped to automate and optimize the email campaigns for The Polska Press Group and at the same time delivering better email campaign performance and a higher level of audience engagement

September 12, 2017

How Times Internet increased sales using e-mails and on-site personalization

Newzmate helped Times Internet deliver personalized emails with relevant services to every subscriber. And also offered reliable delivery of email to a large number of contacts with periodical clean up the mailing list from not engaged users

August 28, 2017

How The ABP Group Grew The List Of Active Subscribers And Boosted E-Mail Engagement using Newzmate

This case study illustrates how the ABP Group increased their email engagement and automated their email campaigns by using Newzmate’s marketing automation cloud.

August 25, 2017

How Vltava-Labe Press doubled traffic from emails leveraging Newzmate

Newzmate helped Vltava-Labe-Media to create automated email campaigns, based on dynamic email templates that were configured to pick up the most relevant stories for each particular subscriber.

August 07, 2017

How Burda International Ukraine Doubled their Email CTR with Personalization and Automation using Newzmate

Newzmate helped Burda International Ukraine boost their audience engagement and save time on email marketing.

August 01, 2017

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