Build a foundation of
loyal audience

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What we do

A loyal audience is the foundation of media company growth and subscribers are one of the most engaged segments of the audience, but to make subscribers a substantial part of the the core audience, you need to make sure that there is a high conversion rate from new visitors to subscribers and that the quality of this database is high enough. This is where Newzmate can help you as no one else.

Convert eyeballs to subscribers

With different types of opt-in forms (e.g. pop-ups, anchored and embedded) you’re able to create multiple points of contact with your visitors to make sure that as many as possible will not leave your website without a commitment to stay in touch later.

Focus of great user experience

Nowadays people are tired of the endless volume of banners and pop-ups, so you cannot lose them on one more widget that they cannot close or have to look at every time they visit your pages. With Newzmate you can flexibly adjust display triggers to show opt-in forms on specific devices, after a timeout, scroll, exit intent and even pageview, so that they get to the point instead of being a distraction.

Top-Quality Mailing Lists

An automated mailing list quality assurance service is built right into Newzmate to prevent emails from being sent to addresses that have become invalid or have recently complained about spam.

Additionally, Newzmate supplies on-demand mailing list engagement analytics that can disable subscribers who rarely interact with your emails. This allows you to maintain a high reputation and avoid paying for emails that may never be read.

Integration flexibility

Newzmate setup is a breeze and opt-in forms are not an exception. With only a single line of integration code you get user interest tracking, opt-in forms and on-site recommendation display. Another option you can use is the API. If you’re gathering subscribers via any other sources we provide you with a simple-to-use API to ensure a two-way synchronization between Newzmate and your database.


Track how many subscribers you get and from which source, how many subscribers were added to mailing lists or campaigns, and also why and how readers are unsubscribing.

Why do you need it:


Times higher conversion
to subscribers


Times less frustration
about bad UX
Automated clean up of bad email addresses
and uninterested subscribers

Case study

How The Biggest National Bank Boosted Audience Engagement Using Newzmate

Newzmate helped Oschadbank boost their audience engagement and proposed a flexible way to send automated email campaigns that are based by different triggers to the users.

December 18, 2017

How The Polska Press Group Automated Over 90 Email Campaigns Using Newzmate

Newzmate helped to automate and optimize the email campaigns for The Polska Press Group and at the same time delivering better email campaign performance and a higher level of audience engagement

September 12, 2017

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