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Changes in audience behavior have required a more complex approach to behavior analysis and management and as a result, marketing automation is becoming a leading force in audience engagement, retention and conversion. But while there are many products focused on marketer’s needs from different verticals of the market, Newzmate is attached to the news media industry with a content delivery workflow that puts automation on a new level - autopilot

Manual content selection is obsolete

By applying an automated content selection engine, Newzmate brings a new level of control and flexibility to modern news organizations without all the usual hassle. Add content sources with the content you want to add to newsletters, specify a content selection rule or add content manually and focus on improvement and optimization instead of routine.

A schedule for all your needs

You can set a recurring schedule with a personalized delivery time and subject line, send a breaking news campaign once something important has happened, a push email based on a reader-initiated event, or simply use an old-school one-time campaign. With Newzmate you’re covered for any idea and scenario that can be imagined.

Benefit from the successes of others

Newzmate provides a great selection of the best-performing email templates developed for the biggest media groups around the world, but you always have the option to build a new one from scratch. Add any type of content block, adjust the look and feel in any imaginable way and you can be sure that it’s still compatible with all major email clients and as usual, it’s fully automated and dynamic.

Deliverability is a key focus

With close contact with major email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, Newzmate makes sure emails end up in primary mailboxes and not in spam and promotion folders. Newzmate also maintains this level of deliverability through many other techniques. Delivery time and subject line are two improvements that can be made to increase an email’s deliverability.

With the help of user activity data, Newzmate identifies patterns in user interaction with your content and website to determine when your audience will be most receptive to your emails. In addition to this, a unique subject line and individual delivery time gives the impression that the email has been triggered and therefore places it in top priority in a recipient’s mailbox.

Get 360-degree analytics

Explore email campaign performance data from top to bottom: a complete volume of sent emails, clicks and opens. You can examine the performance of each content block and even the link position in the template. Find out what the best performing content is and with customizable UTM tags track further behavior and conversion of your audience via Website Analytics Tools.

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Case study

How The Biggest National Bank Boosted Audience Engagement Using Newzmate

Newzmate helped Oschadbank boost their audience engagement and proposed a flexible way to send automated email campaigns that are based by different triggers to the users.

December 18, 2017

How The Polska Press Group Automated Over 90 Email Campaigns Using Newzmate

Newzmate helped to automate and optimize the email campaigns for The Polska Press Group and at the same time delivering better email campaign performance and a higher level of audience engagement

September 12, 2017

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