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Changing the media landscape requires collaboration

As readers require a more and more complex approach to satisfy their needs and in order to compete with publishers and media platforms, each direction of the media business (content creation, audience development, distribution, and monetization) gets more and more interconnected. At the same time however, the development of these solutions is getting more and more expensive. Challenges like these demand creative solutions – to take the opportunity to join our efforts and create something amazing together!

Why partner with us?

By applying an automated content selection engine, Newzmate brings a new level of control and flexibility to modern news organizations without all the usual hassle. Add content sources with the content you want to add to newsletters, specify a content selection rule or add content manually and focus on improvement and optimization instead of routine.

CMS for News Media

Your clients will engage with and retain their audience like never before with personalized content recommendations and automated newsletters. Help them earn more with advertising that is tailored to their audience on an individual level.

Marketing Automation/Solution Providers

Lead your clients to higher performance and revenue through automated email campaigns, audience engagement and monetization based on personalized content recommendations – using machine-learning and content semantic analysis.

Email Service Providers

Help your customers increase email performance by adding content personalization and contextual advertising into your product.

Ad Networks

Discover new ways of reaching potential clients with higher CTRs, more audience engagement, all without the threat of ad-blocking.


Combine your expertise with advanced email marketing capabilities, website personalization and incremental revenue opportunities to provide your customers with more.


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