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Golden ticket of content marketing industry

At Newzmate we didn’t try to choose a simple, trending or modern path, we’ve chosen the path we knew we can make a difference at.

We analyzed behavior of millions of readers and had a long discussions with dozens of publishers to make sure this place is a goldmine of content marketing industry, the most rapidly growing industry during this decade. Only last year this industry has accumulated over $44bn of marketing budget spendings and digital publishing is a top-runner here.

While someone has doubts about potential of digital publishing industry, we have tens of thousands of leads in our pipeline. Yes, we didn’t choose an easy place to start and it’s a golden ticket for us and our investors.


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Alexei and Dmitry are one of the most creative founders I have ever met. They are very keen on developing the product. TRAQLI received a positive feedback from the publishers so far and I’m very optimistic about the future.
Marek Rusiecki
President of the Management
Board of Xevin Investments
As importantly, the team behind TRAQLI has an impressive blend of strategic insight and nimble response to market opportunities, in my view the perfect combination necessary for a startup to maximize the potential of digital disruption.
Alison Kane
Managing Director
Rogue Media
TRAQLI initially caught my interest thanks to the impressive stated 200% increase in reader interaction with publisher content and the scalability potential. Secondly, the team left a good impression and the business started to gain traction, a good moment to invest.
Bas Godska
#1 Foreign Angel Investor in Russia
Digital Dutchman
Interested in investment